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Target: 96% Whole School:
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The School Day

Every day at The Green Infants is a busy one! We ask that the children do not arrive before 8:30am as the gates may not be open. In the case of inclement weather, the children will be admitted straight into the building around 8:40am.


Foundation Unit doors will open at 8:45am and Parents can support their child in lining up alongside the door, walk with them them in the line to the door where a member of staff will support your child in settling on the carpet.


The school bell will be rung at 8:50am and KS1 children must line up in their respective classes:


Maple Class - to the left of the main entrance door.

Willow Class - in front of the main entrance door.

Oak Class - in front of the main entrance

Elm Class - to the right of the main entrance door.


Children will walk into school with their Class Teacher.  Parents are to remain outside the school building in the morning in order to promote and develop the children's independence and to ensure the children's safety at all times.  It also enables the Teacher to start the morning routines promptly and avoid missed learning.  If you would like to speak to your child's Class Teacher please pass on a brief message in the morning, book an appointment to see them after school or speak to Mrs Whitton or Mrs Newton on the school door.


Gates are closed at 9.00am for security reasons. If your child arrives at school after 9.00am they need to ring the intercom on the school entrance gate and report to the school office.

The register closes at 9.10am. A child will be recorded as late on the register if they are not in class when their name is called. A call will be made to parents/guardians if no message has been received.


During break times, all children are provided with a fruit or vegetable snack.

Key times of the day:

  • Assembly takes place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:40pm.  On a Friday at 9:10am, parents may invited to join this celebration assembly.
  • Break is at 10:25am – 10:40am                        
  • Lunch time is between 12.00pm and 1.00pm
  • School finishes at 3pm.

Lunchtime Play


Our intention is that during the designated lunch break children will have a safe, happy and worthwhile break from school teaching sessions in the middle of the day. The experience should be positive and pupils will be supported by a Senior midday supervisor, play worker and a team of midday supervisors with the Headteacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) being available in school or out on duty.



· To ensure that all children feel safe and valued.

· To create an enjoyable and calm lunchtime environment.

· To promote the schools PHSE and Healthy Schools programme through the attitude and behaviours of children and staff.



  • Those children not in the Dinner hall will play on the playground or the indoor classroom.
  • Dinner Hall procedures: Children in Foundation and KS1 in rota order. This rota runs alongside timetables for clubs.
  • Foundation enter the Hall first at 12pm.
  • All KS1 children are called from the playground in class groups by a midday supervisor.
  • Children collect their lunch from the dinner staff Sylvia and Angela Stinson and join those with packed lunches on the tables.
  • Children will leave the dining hall as soon as they have finished their lunch and tidied their surrounding area.
  • Midday supervisors will manage individual zoned areas of activities and record any behavioural incidences and accidents.
  • Play worker (Mrs Chesterman) will plan and organise activities for Lunchtime Lions: - a club for children that have:

       * been exceptionally well-behaved,

       * used their manners,

       * eaten all their lunch or had a good go,

       * been helpful or

       * been kind and caring towards other children, etc.

  • Wet lunchtimes and playtimes: Children will be in designated classrooms equipped with lunchtime activities.
  • First Aid will be will be administrated from designated midday supervisors.
  • Behavioural incidences will be recorded by Senior Midday and reported to Headteacher /SLT.