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Target: 96% Whole School:
Year 1
Year 2

Spring - Uncover

During the Spring Term, our learning is driven through history and our enquiry question for the term is

"Does time change the world around us?"


This question allows us to explore history through the knowledge of our family members and the community around us.


Our enquiries always have an authentic outcome. For us, an authentic outcome is a final piece of learning or presentation that brings together and celebrates our full term's enquiry. Our authentic outcome for this enquiry is to plant a vegetable garden with our grandparents. We will then use our produce to make vegetable soups to share with the class.


Our enquiry is also driven by language rich key texts that support our children's understanding of carefully planned genres. See below for the list of our key texts this term. 


Oliver’s Vegetables

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Enormous Turnip 

Jack and the Beanstalk 

Old Bear  

Dear teacher

When I was young

The Tiny Seed

Around the Table That Grandad Built 

Knowledge Organiser

Our knowledge organisers are sent home at the start of each term and they show all of the sticky knowledge that we want our children to remember for their enquiry. 


Sticky knowledge is the key knowledge that we have identified for our children to know, remember and understand. Remembering this key knowledge supports your child to access their enquiry and the curriculum itself. 


See our knowledge organiser for each week's sticky knowledge and vocabulary that the children are learning.