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Staying Safe Online

Keeping your children safe is our primary concern at The Green. 

We take online safety extremely seriously and even through technology is a fantastic invention and we encourage children wherever possible to use technology in their work, it can also be unsafe for our young people. 


Children have embraced new technologies as a source of information, education and entertainment. The use of digital technology has been completely normalised by this generation, and it is now fully integrated into their daily lives.


Technology is changing all the time and young people are no longer passive recipients of online information, but are increasingly interacting directly. Their confidence and skills in using this technology is typically high, but their knowledge and awareness of the inherent issues, risks and dangers is usually very low.


Teaching your child about technology should be seen as another part of keeping them safe in our ever changing world,  just like crossing the road carefully. 


We are very lucky to now have laptops for use of children from FS2 to Year 2.

The children also have access to their class iPad and Interactive Whiteboard which support them with their learning. 

We remind our children of the online safety rules whenever we use computers. 



Online Safety Policies 

Click on the links below to play fun games and learn all about online safety! 

For more advice and support visit the websites below: