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Target: 96% Whole School:
Year 1
Year 2

Oak Class - Year 2


Hello and welcome to Oak Class. 

Our lovely staff in Elm are Miss Stanley (class teacher) and Mrs Johnson (Teaching Assistant).

Sometimes Mrs Walton-Smith teaches in our class too!


Our website page aims to give you a snapshot of your child's learning at school. We hope you find this information helpful, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the following content. 


Class Dojo is used daily for updates on learning and information for your child's class. 


Reading at Home


Reading is the key to unlock our children's future potential. We understand that reading is the cornerstone of your child's learning at school. We prioritise reading across school and here is how you can support your child's reading at home. 


  • Little and often- research shows that reading with your child is more effective if this is done for short periods of time and more regularly than longer periods less regularly.
  • We recommend 4 times a week to read with your child and for each home read, your child will receive a dojo point. Dojo points=prizes!
  • Your child will have 3 books. This is because each of the 3 books is for a different purpose. 


1. Library Book-Chosen by your child to read for pleasure

2. Book Bag Book-Unfamiliar book at your child's phonetic level. Your child should be able to read this. 

3. Decodable Book-Familiar text at your child's phonetic level. They may have previously read this book in class, but they will get more familiar with the structure of the story and the language used.