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Year 2

Mrs Parkin will be setting daily work for the children to complete.


Should you have any questions about the work set Mrs Parkin is available weekdays between 9 - 12am on:

07933 036563


The English Hub have been working with Oxford Owl and have enabled free access to some of their eBooks to help children continue to read.


Click on the link below and use the username and password (below) to enable free access to lots of books.
Password: Parents20!


Click on Big Cat Collins.


Happy reading.

Phonics for Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Phonics for Week Commencing Monday 30th March

Above are five sounds to revisit with your child(ren) ‘u_e’ ‘o_e’ ‘are’ ‘aw’ and ‘er’.  Please ask your child to write as many words with the days sound in as possible.  Then choose five words to write in a sentence, for example on Monday your child could write: 

June is the sixth month of the year.

In addition to the above Maths activities please do not forget to visit Top Marks for lots of interactive, fun games for the children to play.  I would recommend that the children continue to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and division.  Songs on You Tube may also help with this, along, with BBC Supermovers;

Above are the Common Exception words for year 1 and 2.  Children should know how to spell all of these by the end of KS1.  Therefore, I would suggest that you start by testing the children on the year 1 spellings and making a note of any they don't know so you can test them again tomorrow.  Once they can spell all of the year 1 words, repeat the process with the year 2 words.

Good luck!

Mrs Parkin.

Above are documents contained Handwriting pages to help your child continue to practise and improve their handwriting.  Each PDF contains several activities.  One lesson is on one page.  Children can copy the patterns and words into their exercise books.  Please remind your child that ascender letters ( b,d,h, l,k,t) are tall and should reach the top of the line above.  Descender letters (f,g,j,p,q,y) sit on the line and the "tail" goes under the line. All other letters should be written on the line and should all be of similar size.

You may be aware that our Topic this term is Beat Band and Boogie! Above is a selection of  activities that we would have ordinarily  been working through in class.  If you are able to complete any of these activities with your child at home, please complete in your exercise book. There are also a range of PHSE activities which, co-incidentally, focus on staying healthy! 

Past SATS Spelling Tests

Below is a selection of past spelling tests. If possible print out the child's version for them to complete as you read out the parent's version.  If this is not possible just ask your child to spell the words in bold that you read from your sheet.

Additional Work for Week Commencing Monday 23rd March 2020