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Welcome to Remote Learning at The Green Infant School

We have moved all remote learning onto one tab to ensure that parents, carers and pupils have quick, simple and easy access to their learning at home. 


Our Vision

At The Green Infant School, when a class, group or a child needs to self -isolate, or there is a local or National lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home due to Covid 19, the school will provide remote learning. We understand that the ability to access remote learning will be different for different families.  Our goal is to provide a virtual school that can be easily accessed and provides a range of activities. The activities can be completed independently or with an adult /older sibling. 


Our Principles for Remote Learning:

  • Ensure pupils access an age appropriate curriculum that meets their needs 
  • Cover a range of curriculum subjects so that pupils are accessing year group expectations 
  • Support pupils in developing independence skills when learning 
  • Enable parents to support their children when learning at home 


Within the ‘Live Learning’ tab you access an example timetable to help you plan the school day at home. This includes online sessions that are happening throughout the day.