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Summer - Imagine - Is the world black and white?

Our key text this term is...

Is the world black and white? Come with us as we investigate the artistic, natural and musical world through various and explorative lenses. We will scout a world which brings brightness, and beauty to it's inhabitants but might also be dull and dismal to some. 

Let's imagine, create and perform together Year 1!

What a fantastic start to our Art Enquiry. Year 1 had a letter from a local MP which asked them to do a special job. Watch this space to see what they create and imagine.


This week our question is 'What is growing outside?' So naturally Year 1 went on a walk down a local path near school. We learned all about wild plants. We found out they won’t be found in back gardens but in fields, down paths and even on the roads! We spotted dandelions, buttercups, burdock and many more!!!