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Meeting One: 1st October 2019


After our Council election, we held our very first meeting, with our new councillors, Ella and Oliver from Foundation, Jasmine and Harvey-Jay from Year 1 and Henley and Dominic from Year 2. We are all very excited to see what the year ahead has in store. 

Our first job from Mrs Whitton was to have a look at the school's new Safeguarding Policy.  Mrs Ballard explained in a way we would understand, what Safeguarding was and how important it is to speak out if we are worried about our friends or aren't happy with something we are experiencing. We all decided that Safeguarding is important and all signed the policy. 

Mrs Ballard promised to bring us some biscuits to the next meeting and she says she has something to tell us about a Christmas tree.....

Meeting two... A meeting with a difference !

Meeting Two. 11th November 2019. 

This really was a meeting with a difference ! The Postmill Centre invited us at The Green to decorate a Christmas tree!  Every child in our school decorated something special to hang on our tree and today we had the most exciting job of decorating the tree. We walked very sensibly with Mrs.Ballard to The Postmill Centre where we met our new friend Margo.

Margo works at The Postmill Centre and showed us where our tree was and we got cracking ! Mrs Ballard gave us three rules. 1. Coats off, 2. Hats on , 3. Have fun !  We had a great time hanging all of our friends decorations on the tree and we think it looks beautiful . Our new friend Margo thought it looked so beautiful she gave as a special treat of orange juice and a snack.  When we got back to school Mrs Ballard told Mrs Whitton how well behaved we were and what brilliant school representatives we are. 

We hope you love our tree as much as we do !


Ella ,Oliver, Harvey-Jay, Jasmine, Henley and Dominic


19th November 2019: Anti Bullying Poster Designs. During our meeting today we discussed bullying and worked together to design an anti-bullying poster. These are our pictures. You can see our finished poster in 'Our Achievments' .