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5th April 2019: Council Meeting. Today our meeting was a bit of a girls club ! Our male representatives were unavailable to attend the meeting. We were cheeky and had our meeting in Mrs. Walkers Snug (sssshhh!) We can confirm , The Snug is very snug !  Today we had two agenda items. Firstly we talked about our school environment. We discussed all areas of our school , inside and out, identifying areas where pupils enjoy being and places that make them feel uncomfortable. I am very happy to tell you that the area of concern are small fixes and we have a meeting with Mrs. Whitton to discuss them.  


Our second agenda item was a job for Susie. Susie and all of our lunchtime staff have recently been on a training course to help us make our lunchtimes better. Susie asked for us to make some rules for our dining room and that we did ! Keep your eyes peeled for a school council poster outlining our rules . 


Finally when we got to the Any Other Business  part of our meeting , I asked the councillors of they had anything they would like to tell me. All very passionately described how all of our school friends were seeking them out to ask for help or advice and in some instances someone to play with. This shows our council is making an impact.

7/3/19: Playground Zones.

The School Council are getting very brave and helped to host another assembly. Everyone in school looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite characters from their favourite stories. After talking about World Book Day and how special books are, we spoke about the playground zones. The School Council were interested to find out if the children in our school liked the new zones, whether anyone had any ideas for a new activity for the zones and if the year 2 children were enjoying being mini-leaders.  

It was lovely to hear a resounding yes from all of our friends. One child said it was nice being able to play a game in a zone and know that a different game was going to take over. The year 2 children are enjoying the responsibility of taking charge of each zone with the dinner ladies taking over at lunch time.  Finally, we had a comment to say although the football zone was his favourite there is often a problem with the ball. At the start of term there were plenty of balls for both football and basketball and other balls for games of catch, but some children get silly and throw them over the fences and now we are down to 1 ball. We ended our assembly by talking about taking care of our resources and keeping our playground clean and tidy. 

Until next time.

School Council and Mrs. Ballard.

14th February 2019.


The School Council enjoyed hosting their assembly today. We talked about the Rights Respecting School Award and as part of this award, a task from UNICEF discussing things that we need, things we want and things we wish for.  We decided that food, drink and clothes that are suitable for the weather are things that we need, where as a bike or a computer are things that we want. We talked about things that we wish for and decided that things we wish for are things that we would really love but can't always have. One of these things suggested by a year 2 student, was a baby brother or sister so they had someone to play with.  


The school council also took this opportunity to advise the children that if they ever needed a friend on the playground or in class , to find a school council representative and have a chat with them.

6th February 2019.


The School Council may seem very quiet at the moment, but we would like to tell you that we are very busy behind the scenes. We have recently made a new playtime rota where not only have our year 2 children been trained as mini-leaders, but our dinner ladies are all zone trained too ! The playground is split up into different zones , each with a different activity. One of these zones homes the 'craze of the week'. Our crazes include skipping, space hoppers, hula hoops and all manner of different activities. The remaining zones include the football pitch , trim trail, and activity boxes spread around the playground. You may have noticed big white numbers stuck on our boxes and equipment, these are to help us identify each zone.  The School Council are preparing a child questionnaire and will be going into class to ask what our friends think of the changes.  


Our next job is to help Mrs Palmer with our Rights Respecting School award where we will be holding our own assembly... Watch this space ! 

14th November 2018.

What a very busy time we have had here at the School Council.  Thank you for returning the questionnaires  about being healthy and healthy foods. We know we have sent you lots of things home to have a think about but  the answers will help us to make our school a better place.  We were really happy to achieved Healthy School status , look out for a new logo at the bottom of your letters. 


This week at our meeting we talked about rights. We talked about what rights are and Mrs. Ballard explained that everyone, even children have rights. This linked in really well with our schools Anti-bullying week.  Our school is working towards the Rights Respecting  School Award.  The RRSA is an initiative run by UNICEF UK, which encourages schools to place UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of its ethos and curriculum.  On Monday the children will be bringing home a small questionnaire to fill in with your help.


The final agenda item was a very exciting job! Mrs. Walker our Nuture and Positive Play Leader has been waiting for a very long time for her own space to take her children. Work is finishing up on our new outbuilding where Mrs.Walker will be based.  The building needed a name, so it was the School Councils job to conduct a vote. We went round and asked every child and adult in school to choose between "The Den" or "The Snug". It was a very close vote but with a winning score of 51%, Mrs.Walkers nurture space is called.........




18th October 2018.

Another busy agenda for us today ! We recapped our last meeting and signed Mrs Whitton's Parental Behaviour Policy. We went on to have a look at all the designs entered into the 'design a logo' competition'. We have chosen a winner but its a secret! Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal! Our third agenda item was to review anti-bullying leaflets and images, to help Mrs Newton make our own school leaflet.  There were lots to look at and while some were too grown up for us, we found some lovely images and hope Mrs. Newton likes them too.   Finally, in preparation for our next meeting, Mrs Ballard asked us to have a think about our play times. You may have noticed some new wooden storage boxes on our playground. These house playtime resources. Mrs Ballard has asked us to talk to our classmates to find out if we are happy with the Lego bricks, books and physical equipment in the boxes and if there is anything else we would like.