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Maple Tree Class

Picture 1 Mrs Doxey - Class Teacher (Monday - Thursday)
Picture 2 Mrs Smart (Friday)
Picture 3 Mrs Welsh - Learning Support Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs Ballard - HLTA


Teacher: Mrs Doxey and Mrs Smart

Hello and welcome to our Maple Tree Class. There will be lots of photographs and information here to keep you in touch with what we’ve been up to in our class, so please remember to take a look every now and then.

We will be enjoying all sorts of learning indoors and outdoors, as well as fun things and adventures, this will be a great way to share them with your family and friends.

If you have any feedback about our page, it would be good to hear from you.


Mrs Doxey and Mrs Smart

Please remember to bring in a water bottle with your child's name on it and their book bag with your reading book everyday. Rewards will be given to children who read regularly at home and learn their spellings for the test on Friday's.PE takes place every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.


Homework and Spellings

Homework and spellings will be given out on a Monday. Children will be tested on spellings on a Friday and homework will be collected on a Friday. Children will be learning the sounds for their spellings over the week which will help them with their test on Friday's. Please support your child in learning their spellings by using the Look, Cover, Write, Check method. Just 10 minutes each day can make all the difference to your child learning their spellings. 

Homework will be based on your child's learning that week. Homework activities will help children consolidate their learning further. It will also give you an idea of what they are doing in class. Please ask if you are unsure of anything linked to homework or spellings. Look out for short videos on the website soon to show you resources and activities we use to support children with their learning. 


For help with spellings, this link will show you a video of how to pronounce the sounds of the English language -

Autumn 1 Topic

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Get ready to take to the high seas and set sail in search of treasure! This half term, our topic is Land A'hoy! We’ll write and read information books, investigate amazing sea rescues and write postcards and poetry influenced by the sea. Our science skills will help us to understand how boats float and we’ll design and make model ships using a variety of materials. We’ll study paintings of boats and draw detailed pictures of our own. Our map reading skills will help us to identify different seas and oceans, and we’ll learn about famous sea explorers. Stories of pirates will inspire us to make pirate flags, treasure maps and fact files. We’ll even find out how to talk and sing like a pirate!

Literacy This Week... (wb 7.10.19)

In Literacy this week we will be learning to read and understand proverbs. We will be using the message from proverbs to write our own fable.

Maths This Week... (wb 14.10.19)

In Maths this week we will be learning how to use the number bond facts we know to solve problems and find missing numbers in number sentences. We will be using the pattern of number bonds to 10 to know bonds to 20 and 100.

0 + 10 = 10

1 + 9 = 10

2 + 8 = 10


1 + 20 = 20

1 + 19 = 20

2 + 18 = 20


0 + 100 = 100

10 + 90 = 100

20 + 80 = 100

Common Exception Words Year 1

Common Exception Words Year 2

Common Exception Words

Our first job of the day is to learn 5 common exception words each week. These are words that Year Two children should be able to read and spell by the end of the year.

Term - Autumn 1

Week 1  -any after again bath beautiful

Week 2 - beautiful because would could should

Week 3 - busy break behind both child

Week 4 - water wild who whole told

Week 5 - recap - child wild told

Week 6 - recap - because both busy

Week 7 - recap - should could would

Maths Week

Week beginning 14th October is our Maths Week. We will be completing lots of exciting Maths activities in the afternoon to explore our understanding of numbers and calculations. Don't forget to have a look around school Tuesday evening 3-4.30pm to see how we teach Maths, what resources we use, and how your child develops their Maths skills over the key stages. Come along Friday afternoon 2-3pm to play Maths games, have a look at the activities we do and what resources we use.

The children had a very special visitor this afternoon! We got out the flags and bunting, played 'God save the Queen', lined up in our finest clothes and greeted 'Her Majesty' with a curtsy or bow. Then we celebrated with cucumber sandwiches, homemade biscuits and a cup of tea. 

An afternoon with The Queen.

An afternoon with The Queen. 1
An afternoon with The Queen. 2
An afternoon with The Queen. 3
An afternoon with The Queen. 4
An afternoon with The Queen. 5
An afternoon with The Queen. 6
An afternoon with The Queen. 7
An afternoon with The Queen. 8
An afternoon with The Queen. 9
An afternoon with The Queen. 10
An afternoon with The Queen. 11
An afternoon with The Queen. 12
The children had a great time on our woodland Walk along the Blackwell Trail yesterday. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Science Week

The children have had a fabulous week investigating lots of different questions. Here are some of the questions we answered:

  • How can you make the loudest instrument?
  • Do you taste with your nose?
  • Are two eyes better than one?
  • Does the tallest child jump the furthest?

Can you guess which question we are investigating in the photos?