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Lunchtime Play


Our intention is that during the designated lunch break children will have a safe, happy and worthwhile break from school teaching sessions in the middle of the day. The experience should be positive and pupils will be supported by a Senior midday supervisor, play worker and a team of midday supervisors with the Headteacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) being available in school or out on duty.



· To ensure that all children feel safe and valued.

· To create an enjoyable and calm lunchtime environment.

· To promote the schools PHSE and Healthy Schools programme through the attitude and behaviours of children and staff.



  • Those children not in the Dinner hall will play on the playground or the indoor classroom.
  • Dinner Hall procedures: Children in Foundation and KS1 in rota order. This rota runs alongside timetables for clubs.
  • Foundation enter the Hall first at 12pm.
  • All KS1 children are called from the playground in class groups by a midday supervisor.
  • Children collect their lunch from the dinner staff Sylvia and Angela Stinson and join those with packed lunches on the tables.
  • Children will leave the dining hall as soon as they have finished their lunch and tidied their surrounding area.
  • Midday supervisors will manage individual zoned areas of activities and record any behavioural incidences and accidents.
  • Play worker (Mrs Chesterman) will plan and organise activities for Lunchtime Lions: - a club for children that have:

       * been exceptionally well-behaved,

       * used their manners,

       * eaten all their lunch or had a good go,

       * been helpful or

       * been kind and caring towards other children, etc.

  • Wet lunchtimes and playtimes: Children will be in designated classrooms equipped with lunchtime activities.
  • First Aid will be will be administrated from designated midday supervisors.
  • Behavioural incidences will be recorded by Senior Midday and reported to Headteacher / Deputy Head / SLT.