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Ideas to help your child with spellings.

Try some of these spelling strategies to help your child learn their weekly spellings.


Spot the tricky bit

Have a go at spelling a difficult word.

Compare your word with the correct spelling of the word.

Identify the part of the word which you spelt incorrectly.

Write the letters you got right using the same pen/pencil. 

Choose a bright colour to write the letters you got wrong.

Have a good look at the word and then have another go.


Word doodle

Write the correct spelling of the word on a piece of paper.

Draw round the outline of the word several times using different colours.

You just can’t take your eyes off it!

Now have a go at spelling it.


Helpful Letters

Have a close look at a correct spelling of the word you are trying to learn.

Try danger: separate the first part of the word and pretend it’s a character called Dan.

Now use the g/e/r to create a silly saying which has something to do with the meaning of the word danger.  For example -  guarantees early rescue.

So, to remember how to spell the word danger you simply say to yourself “Dan guarantees early rescue”.


Mini Word Search

Look at the word you are learning and see if you can spot any smaller words inside.  For example important has imp/ or/ port/ ant.


Build it up

To make yourself really concentrate on the order of letters in a word try writing it like this:






Each time you add a new letter you are practising the first part of the word and noticing which letters sit next to each other.


Link up

Write your word on a blank page and then use the letters in the word to write it again and again in different ways.









Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

When you have used a strategy to practise your word you need to check that you can remember how to spell it.  

LOOK at the word, SAY the word, COVER  the word up, WRITE the word, CHECK that you have spelt the word correctly.