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Grand finale to our Anti-Bullying week 2018

(Click on the picture to watch a video about Anti-Bullying week and choosing respect)

Grand Finale to our Anti-Bullying Week.


We loved having our parents, carers and grand parents in class today.  They enjoyed learning about all this things we have been doing .


Here are some of their comments:

"I think this week has been a positive experience and that it's good for the children to push the boundaries past 'normal' and realise that this is ok!"


"Enjoyed being able to join the children in learning new things."


"It was lovely that the children got a whole week to do activities centered around bullying."


"Thank you for having me, I really enjoyed it."


"I learnt about how much the children had taken on board about bullying.  It's lovely being able to spend time with my children and chat to other parents and teachers."


"The girls told us all about 'Respect' and why we should have kinds hands.  Keep the lovely activities and fun days, the girls have loved the week and talked lots about being a good friend."


"Really nice to come into the class to see and help the children."


"Nice to see activities to encourage children to talk about this."


"Everyone keen to get involved."


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