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Lancashire Grid for Learning

Lancashire Grid for learning have produced plans which suggest how the planning blocks A to E can be linked to the weeks in each half term for the Renewed Framework - very useful aid to planning!

Coxhoe Primary School

This area of their school website contains information about Mathematics in KS1 and 2 and also suggests a wide variety of other helpful websites

Crick web

Interactive resources

Maths sheets

Free maths worksheets


Maths arcade of Fun games - choose from 25 games to keep the brain ticking!

Maths Dictionary

This is an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

SEN Teacher

Good quality printable resource sheets to aid the teaching of SEN numeracy.

Teaching Ideas

General mathematics resources based around al the key areas in the numeracy framework.

Top Marks

Various activities covering mathematical development in KS1


Teachers Toolkit - Demonstration tools to support whole class and group teaching in the daily maths lesson. Ideal for use on interactive whiteboards.

Maths Zone

Something for everyone and every topic