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Food for Life, Soil Association

What is Food for Life?


Food for Life brings schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, and their surrounding communities together around the core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food.


At The Green Infant School we are working towards the bronze award.


Current Progress:​

Bronze Criteria

11/27​  (as of 21st November 2018)


BRONZE schools:


  • Have committed to improve their school food culture by developing a school food policy.
  • Meet Bronze Food for Life Served Here Award standards which shows that school food is healthy and uses seasonal ingredients that are at least 75% freshly prepared 
  • Involve pupils and parents in planning improvements to school menus and the lunchtime experience, boosting school meal take-up
  • Give every pupil the opportunity to visit a local farm, and take part in cooking and food growing activity.


We need to meet following certain criteria.  They are:

SILVER schools:


  • Serve school meals on proper crockery, not plastic ‘flight trays’
  • Meet Silver Food for Life Served Here Standards which shows that school food is healthy, ethical, and uses some local and organic ingredients
  • Have a cooking club, where pupils get to cook with and eat the produce grown in the school growing area
  • Involve parents and the wider community to get involved in food education via food-themed events
  • Our food is healthy, ethical, and uses local ingredients. We use a minimum of 5% organic ingredients in our menus.

GOLD schools:


  • Act as hubs for their local community, actively involving parents and community groups in cooking and growing activities 
  • Meet Gold Food for Life Served Here standards which shows the food served is healthy, ethical, uses lots of local ingredients and is animal and climate friendly, including a minimum of 15% organic and 5% free range 
  • Pupils choosing to eat a school meal is the norm
  • Are actively involved in the life of a local farm and active in planning and growing organic food for the school.