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Favourite Pictures from the Autumn Term 2016

Autumn Term 2016

Miss polly had a dolly...
who was sick, sick, sick...
She phoned for the doctor to be quick,quick,quick
Fun in the sun
Enjoying our quiet area
Exploring Autumn objects
Making an Autumn picture
Picking beans from our garden
Some beans were huge!
Back in time to Sudbury Hall
Having our hands inspected
Victorian school time
Wearing Spots
Children in Need Day
Our Spotacular!
Victorian tea time
Enjoying a up of tea
FS Concert 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'
The FS Wise Men
Mary and Joseph
Year Ones Reindeer
Year One Elves
Year Two followed the star
Year Two sang Frosty the Snowman
Year Two 'Christmas Rap'
FS Reaching for the Stars
Y1 Reaching for the Stars
Disco time
Father Christmas doing 'The Dab'