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The Green Flying High Academy

The Green Flying High Academy

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Target: 96% Whole School:
Year 1
Year 2


At The Green, we believe that every child has the fundamental right to an excellent education.

We want the best for every child, every day.


Our curriculum is designed to excite, inspire and challenge our children on their learning journey and provide an unforgettable experience that ignites a passion and curiosity for learning and knowledge as we guide our children onto the next stage of their learning journey.


As a staff, we designed our curriculum vision together through an excellent understanding of our community, our families and most importantly, our children. Our curriculum is driven through the following principles and our vision is communicated through the

acronym S.A.I.L.


We want our children to be…






Our Curriculum Rationale

Knowledge Progression

Our enquiries across school plan for the building of knowledge through planned granular steps of component knowledge that support our wider understanding of the disciplinary knowledge that we are learning. 


Teachers plan for knowledge progression both across school and over the year to ensure that our children know more, remember more and understand more about the curriculum.