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A look at the rites of Passage, Baptism, includes a video

BBC Religious Festivals

Worksheets available to for KS1 & 2 based on the major religious festivals

Christian Clip Art

Christian clip art

Christian Computer art

Free clip art based on religious stories


BBC site exploring Christianity

Christianity for Children

Describes the life and teachings of Jesus

Christianity for Children 2

A think quest site giving the general beliefs of Christianity


Various slide shows and work sheets based on the church building

Church Treasure Hunt

Answer questions to solve the problem of a hidden treasure within a church building


A slide show presentation Christian creation story

Interview with God

A presentation and opportunity to interview God

RE Quest (KS1)

This is an infant site (KS1) looking at all aspects of Christianity

RE Quest (KS2)

Key stage 2 site looking at all aspects of Christianity

Stories from the New Testament

Numerous stories from the New Testament

The New Testament

3 stories from the New Testament: The Lost Sheep. The Good Samaritan & The Blind Man

Teddys Day Out

Signs and symbols in a Christian church. KS1

Virtual Baptist Church Tour

A virtual tour of a Baptist church, click on the images and view a description

Web Quest UK

Web quest based on Noahs Ark

Worksheets and Activities

A selection of worksheets and activities from First School Years