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Autumn - Explore - Can one person save the world?

Autumn Enquiry


Can one person save the world?


Ahoy me hearties, jump aboard our pirate ship and join our amazing adventures as we become explorers, sailing the oceans and discovering the world's continents before return back to the Untied Kingdom to identify the four capital cities


We will begin our adventure with a sea themed dress up day on Monday 7th September, you have been invited to dress as a pirate, sailor or sea creature.  We will have a fun day finding out about life at sea and what it was like to live on a boat, we may even learn a few pirate words or shanties. We will continue our investigation by deciding if pirates and sailors are the only people who sailed the seas and will find out about famous explorers, who are they and what have they done to make them famous?


As our investigations develop we will look at life under the sea and what kind of creatures live there and will consider questions like; do plants live under the sea?  What do sea creatures need to survive? What causes problems for things living under the sea? We might even get to see some in real life!!


This is just the start of our exciting adventures, so remember to keep an eye on our class page for more information and lots of pictures and pieces of work.