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2014 Computing curriculum information for parents

How did the ICT Curriculum change in 2014?

Until 2014 children were taught ICT in schools, which basically showed them how to use technology. Under the new curriculum, which came into effect from September 2014, there is a much greater emphasis on learning about computers and teaching children how to use code.


Children as young as five get practical experience of designing and writing computer programmes so that they understand the basic principles of computer science.


Not everything will change; children will still learn how to use email, research information, use word processing and graphic design packages, but now they’ll be taught how networks like the Internet actually work too.


So what is coding?

Code is the language used to instruct computers. Facebook, your mobile apps and your browser are all made with code – it’s simply computer programming to you and me! And there are a range of different programming languages you can use – HTML, for example, is the computer code used to create web pages.


Why is coding being introduced into primary school?

The aim is to equip pupils with the skills they need for the world of work, inspire more young people to pursue careers in computing and help them to problem solve and become logical thinkers.


How will children be taught computer code?

At The Green Infant School the new computing curriculum is taught in a practical way with creative projects  to ensure all children become computer literate.


What will children learn in 'code classes'?

By the end of Key Stage 1, children will be expected to write and test simple programs as well as use technology safely. They will also be taught what algorithms are (basically the step-by-step instructions you give a computer in order to get the job done, like the ‘how to’ part of a cake recipe!) and how programmes work.