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3rd October 2018.

Our very first meeting was very busy , we had lots of things to talk about! Mrs. Whitton asked Mrs. Ballard to look at the school safeguarding policy. We weren't too sure what safeguarding meant and we were very surprised to hear that some grown ups are very unkind to children. We decided it was a very good idea to have some rules at school to help to keep our friends safe and we all know who our super spotter adults are.  We all signed Mrs. Whitton's safeguarding policy.


After we talked about adults being unkind to children, we talked about adults being unkind to each other. Sometimes in our playground grown-ups get a bit grumpy and shout and fight with each other. Shouting and fighting is unkind and sometimes scary and we don't like it. We designed a poster all together to ask adults to be friends. We chose pictures of chocolates, flowers , hearts, rainbows and stars. These are things that make us smile so we hope they make our grown-ups smile too! 

 School Council Poster. Kindness

18th October 2018.

Another busy agenda for us today ! We recapped our last meeting and signed Mrs Whitton's Parental Behaviour Policy. We went on to have a look at all the designs entered into the 'design a logo' competition'. We have chosen a winner but its a secret! Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal! Our third agenda item was to review anti-bullying leaflets and images, to help Mrs Newton make our own school leaflet.  There were lots to look at and while some were too grown up for us, we found some lovely images and hope Mrs. Newton likes them too.   Finally, in preparation for our next meeting, Mrs Ballard asked us to have a think about our play times. You may have noticed some new wooden storage boxes on our playground. These house playtime resources. Mrs Ballard has asked us to talk to our classmates to find out if we are happy with the Lego bricks, books and physical equipment in the boxes and if there is anything else we would like.